Uber confirms Postmates acquisition – TechCrunch

Uber confirms Postmates acquisition – TechCrunch

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Without further ado: July 6, 2020 is your daily crisis.

The big story: Uber Confirms Post Mate Acquisition

Last week’s reports were true: Ober announced today that it is acquiring PostMate in all stock deals worth $ 2.65 billion. The restaurant supply market seems to be stabilizing – Ober first tried to get Garbhub, which led to it selling it to the European company Just at Tikawe instead. The company PostMate said StandStone will continue to work as an app, but tech and delivery will be strengthened.

Alex Wilhelm, meanwhile, used the extra crunch to help readers understand why the company’s stock is up today, arguing that the acquisition could help Uber Eats “grow faster” while its losses Can be reduced to one percent. “

Tech giants

US tech companies stop helping Hong Kong police – After the Chinese government passed a new security law to alleviate Hong Kong’s concerns, both Facebook and Twitter have said they will now contact Hong Kong authorities. Will not process requests for user data from. (In the case of Facebook, this also applies to the WhatsApp.)

Instagram reels tested in India after tick-tock ban – Instagram is taking advantage of its decision to ban tel-tuck, allowing it to expand its reels feature, allowing users to focus on music You may be allowed to create 15 second videos.

Intel to invest 25 253.5 million in India’s Reliance Jio platform – Intel General joins Atlantic, Facebook and Silver Lake as India’s top telecom operator.

Start-up, funding and venture capital

According to the US Treasury Department, there is a list of tech companies that have taken PPP money according to the SBA. But vaguely, some of the listed firms (including Bird & Index) refused to take any loans.

Sequoia announces 1. 35.35 billion in venture and growth funds for India and Southeast Asia – Sequoia Capital India has invested more than 50 percent in India in the past year, ahead of any VC firm in the country.

PayPhase receives $ 53 million to provide access to financial services to more Indonesians. This Indonesian startup offers many mobile financial services, including bill payments and loans.

Advice and analysis from Extra Crunch

Four ideas: Is Adtech changing how we learn? – Devon Coldway, Natasha Mascarenhas, Alex Wilhelm and Danny Crichton have ideas about whether digital learning can make quality education more accessible, or expand existing divisions.

With the rise of CoVID-19, 3D printing is taking a moment – 3D printing has been out of the limelight for the past few years, but the CoVID-19 epidemic has changed them all.

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Everything else

Hamilton gives Disney a holiday in the United States over the weekend, according to Appelpia.

Original content podcast: ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Tale of the Fire Story’ is a ridiculous pleasure – every week, Darrell Atherton, Jordan Crook and I review the latest movies and shows in a free-wheeling conversation. In this episode, we are pleasantly surprised by the new Will Farrell movie on Netflix.

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