Revolut launches its neobank in the US – TechCrunch

Revolut launches its neobank in the US – TechCrunch

European FinTech Startup Revolt is launching its app and service in the US, starting today, anyone can sign up and receive a revolver. Debit card. In the United States, Revolt has partnered with Metropolitan Commercial Bank for banking infrastructure – deposits insured up to 250,000.

In just a few years, Revolt has built a financial hub to attract more than 10 million users, allowing you to spend, send, receive and manage money from one app. The company recently raised $ 500 million in funding rounds, valued at $ 5.5 billion.

But being seen by the US. Thousands of users have signed up to the waiting list and will now be able to access all the core features of Revolute.

Like competitive challenger banks like Champion and EN26, Revolt lets you open an account with your phone. After downloading the app, you enter personal details and get to know your users.

After that, you get the US account details and you can instantly get your account up through bank transfer or card transfer. After a few days, you also get a physical debit card. You can also create virtual debit cards from the app.

Revolve lets you control your debit card directly from the app. You can receive notifications every time you make a transaction. You can freeze and freeze your card, set certain limits and limit certain features, such as online payment or ATM withdrawal.

An important feature of Revolut is that you can switch from one currency to another for a lower fee – sometimes for popular currencies and small transactions with no markup (more details on foreign exchange fees here). You can hold foreign currencies in your real estate account or send money to another real estate user or bank account in another country. You also get local banking details to get Revolt EUR or GBP.

In the US, Revolve offers the ability to receive your pay two days in advance if you share your Rivolt banking details with your employer.

Rivolt offers a ton of extra features in Europe, but the company is starting with this basic feature in the US, you can expect more features in the future, such as the ability to buy crypto currencies and invest in the stock market.

In Europe, Revolt offers insurance products through premium monthly subscriptions, mobile phone insurance, savings accounts, credits, rewards and more. Many of these features require partnerships with third-party companies. But it gives you an idea of ​​the roadmap of Revolt in the United States.

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