On lying AIs – TechCrunch

On lying AIs – TechCrunch

A yellow-eyed cat looks up from the gray bed and looks down at the camera. This photo taken from the depths of my phone camera roll is titled ‘London Trip’, AI for ‘Memory’. He has chosen an impressive score of clean piano and clean violin. The algorithm calculates that it has to pull on the strings of the heart.

Crop the desk with the 2 FA device resting on the laptop case. It is not photogenic at all. On a sofa shot in a room. It’s empty. The camera leans towards the radio at a glance. Should we worry about the hidden occupant? Staging invites secret questions.

Cutting the exterior view: A large tree growing over an iron park fence. Another cloudy day in the city. Also the eccentric shock of orange. A piece of public art? Glass blown installation? There is no time for interrogation or interrogation. AI is moving forward. Its banks have more data.

Cut off the conference speaker. White, male, passionate, he is pointing against a sea wall with some kind of sign. The picture is of low quality, spoken in a hurry by the audience, the details are too vague to take. Still, the camera moves slowly, crossing the annoying Vista. A wide angle indicates the conference for something called “Health X”. This remote press event rings a bell. Another rampant crop: My sound recorder with a brick wall with iced coffee. I think I’m working in a coffee shop.

We go Hit the window frame of a well-kept garden, a bird bath with fewer bushes. Another shot from the bush shows a ladder with a brick wall. I think it looks like a church garden in Southwark but I can’t be honest. Does not matter. AI has lost interest. It now appears on the Google Play ad billboard: “To discover all the tracks you have and millions more – try it now for free,” this text is written on top of the JCD Kaus brand stamp.

There is no time to think about it because what it means Suddenly it’s night time. That’s the way it should be. My bedside lamp is on. Or is it? Now we’re back on the living room sofa with a light and a book called “Nikolsky” (which, as it were, is about separation and connection and random artifacts – albeit in a weak art form) Succeeds).

Cut a handful of berries into a cup. Cut out an exotic-looking wall flower that I know grows in the neighborhood. The score is really rising now. A woman leaning on a cake with a lonely selfie.

I look ineffective. I have a lot of questions.

AI is not completely gone. To conclude: Improper garden fence frame crop and potting courtyard, weeping behind the plants. The music is running out, the machine is almost ready for its London trip. The last shot is visible: someone’s hand is half-drunk.

Go home algorithm, you’re drunk.

Footnote: Apple claims that the machine learning machine has the power of iOS’s “intelligent photo experience” which “analyzes every image in the user’s photo library that uses the machine learning machine.” [to] Provide a personalized experience for each user. ” With state-of-the-art processing to include scene classification, structural analysis, people and pet identification, quality analysis and facial expressions.

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