I Always Back Myself Powerful Motivational Speech

I Always Back Myself Powerful Motivational Speech

I always go after myself (powerful motivational speech)

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I always leave myself behind (Encouraging speech) – Copyright: Fearless stimulus
Speakers: Chris Ross

I always leave myself behind (Powerful Motivational Speech) – Through Fearless Motivation – Watch Free:

I don’t care what the problems are; if there is an opportunity; if there is an opportunity; I will be left behind.

If there is any hope in hell, I will fight for it. I will fight for my heaven.

What is the alternative? Leave? Surrender ?? no. We do not give up. We never surrender.

If I’m going with LeBron James, Jordan, Tyson, Ali… A Lion or King Kong with my cast!… Anyone !!! It doesn’t matter who they are or how great they are; I’ll be right back!

Not because I’m proud. Not because I’m stupid; because if there’s an opportunity – it’s possible. And if it’s possible – I have to fight for it.

Even if the odds are one in a billion… or 100 trillion – I don’t care! Anything can happen when you are willing to die for a cause.

It’s not about going into a V with big parts of the game; it’s about self-confidence. When the world made you believe, you have no right to believe. When your conditioning… or your family… or society convinces you to stay in your safe little box

“You’re not good enough for that”
“It’s too dangerous”
“It can’t be done”
“No one in the family had done that before.”
“Take the safe route”… No!

I will fight for my greatest life. I will fight for my truth.

If they think it’s impossible – I’m behind myself. If it hasn’t worked – I’m behind myself! If it can’t be done, I’m behind myself! I return to myself! Do you understand ??? I always leave myself behind!

Don’t even think about the possibility of it. I will step back from any challenge. I will not do it. I will not leave I will not surrender. I will always give myself back.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. I don’t want it to be my life. I will try and die.

Trust yourself.

I don’t care what the odds are … I’m always behind myself!

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