Demand Sage raises $3M to make sales and marketing data more accessible – TechCrunch

Demand Sage raises $3M to make sales and marketing data more accessible – TechCrunch

Demand Sage, a fresh start from the founders of the recently acquired mobile analytics company Localetics, announced this morning that it has raised 30 30 million in seed funding, led by Eniac Ventures and Indusor VC.

When I spoke to CEO Raj Agarwal, CTO Henry Cepola and CPO Randy Daily back in February, they outlined an approach to make it easier for marketers to get the data and insights they need. , Initially by generating Google Sheets reports automatically using data from Hebspot.

More recently, Demand Sage Spread in sales figures.

“From our solid base with marketers, we saw sales leaders dragging us to help them,” Agarwal told me along the way. “We’ve been able to give them visibility in areas where deals are stuck and what activities actually generate revenue, in areas that weren’t theirs. It makes sense because sales And there’s a ton of overlap between marketing functions, especially in SMBs. “

Agarwal also said that Demand Sage has done so by introducing a code “report builder” and testing insightful tools that deviate from pre-existing report templates, which, for example, help vendors Can help determine if they need attention.

In a statement, Vinayak Ranade, CEO of Demand Sage Customer Draft, said, “With every sales and marketing tool I use, you will eventually be able to dig up numbers and export data to a spreadsheet. “While with Demand Sage, it’s like having the power user of Google Sheets that automatically creates the spreadsheet you really want to see.”

As for how business has grown during epidemics, Agarwal said, “Demand has really increased. As business models change, companies need more cost-effective solutions and more flexibility.”

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