Amazon Music adds podcasts, including its own original shows – TechCrunch

Amazon Music adds podcasts, including its own original shows – TechCrunch

Amazon is a state-of-the-art service for embracing music podcasts. The company announced this morning that it is launching support for podcasts on Amazon Music in the United States, the United States, Germany and Japan at no extra cost, and is developing its own original programming. The first slate of originals on Amazon Music will feature shows hosted by creators such as DJ Khalid, Becky G, Will Smith, Dan Patrick, and others.

At launch, Amazon says consumers will search for millions of episodes of Top Shows, and many of their favorite shows are available, such as “Crime Junky,” “What a Day,” “Radio Lab,” “Revised.” History, “” Planet Money, “” Air Stir, “” Why Won’t You Make My History? With Nicole Byrne, “and” Things You Should Know. “

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Amazon Music will also serve as a special house for the true crime podcast, “Disgrace Land,” from Music, which will search for various criminals in the music industry. The show will air on Amazon Music in February 2021. Desgrassland host Jack Brennan says the Amazon Music partnership will provide more consistency to fans and create more episodes and releases on a weekly basis.

Originally from Amazon Music, DJ Khalid will host “First One”, where he will interview his favorite artists about the successes that made them famous. Meanwhile, Bucky G will host “En la Sala”, in which the star will talk to big names in music and entertainment to discuss social issues, relationships, politics, sports and more.

Broadcaster Dan Patrick has teamed up with Amazon-owned IMDB for “Scene with Dan Patrick”, which will separate popular scenes from movies and TV shows.

And Jada Panket Smith and Will Smith’s untitled Westbrook Audio project will be released on both Amazon Music and Amazon-owned Audible.

Amazon Music did not specify how much of its total podcast catalog was at launch, but its website is asking for creators’ submissions. In total, Amazon Music reaches more than 55 million users. This means that for any advanced podcast creator, Amazon Music must be distributed.

The new podcasts will be available on Amazon Music apps for mobile and web, and are organized for browsing by category, such as Curated Recommendations, High Charts, and more. The show’s pages will feature trailers, if available, and podcasts can be played on other Alexa devices, including Echo Auto.

Podcasting has grown as a major industry in recent years. In the United States, for example, it is predicted that the number of podcast listeners will reach 100 million by 2020, and that podcast advertising revenue will increase by 14.7% despite epidemics, making total ad revenue 1 It will be close to a billion dollars. General streaming services have been pursuing their original content to attract users to their platform. Even Apple has been immersing itself in podcasts in recent months.

The news follows the recent addition of Twitch Live Streams to Amazon Music by Amazon. The move distinguished Amazon from other top music services, such as Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music.

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“Our customers’ listening habits are constantly evolving, and we know they’re looking to provide us with a full-fledged music and entertainment experience,” said Steve Boom, VP of Amazon Music. Said in a statement about the release of the podcast. . “With this launch, we’re bringing more and more types of entertainment to consumers, while enabling creators to reach new audiences globally, as we have done with music.” “Podcasts, along with our recent partnership with Twitch to bring live streaming to the app, make Amazon Music a starting point for creators,” he added.

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