Twitter survey reveals the subscription options it’s eyeing, including an ‘Undo Send’ button – TechCrunch

Twitter survey reveals the subscription options it’s eyeing, including an ‘Undo Send’ button – TechCrunch

Earlier this month, Twitter told investors it was considering a subscription model as a way to generate additional revenue to help its business. Now we know what kind of value-added features Twitter has In a new survey, the company may ask users for payment features, such as “send endo” (replacement of edit buttons), and other similar ideas, such as the ability to publish custom colors, longer and more high-definition videos. Asks to evaluate support. Ability to run brand surveys on profile badges, auto-responses, additional “social listening” analytics and advertising.

The survey asked consumers to choose the options that were most or least important to them.

Details of the survey were not first published by the Twitter user himself but on Twitter Embed Tweet. These results were then promoted by an eagle-eyed social media consultant. Matt Novera, Who also saw the survey.

A Twitter spokesman confirmed that the questions arose from a survey conducted by the company to review the options of the membership model, as stated in the survey.

The company declined to comment further, but noted that its Q2 shareholder letter detailed its plans in the region.

“We are in the early stages of appreciating additional revenue opportunities,” he said [sic] Our advertising business, ”he said. Letter Said “This may include subscriptions and other approaches, and although our search is very early and we do not expect any revenue to be attributed to these opportunities in 2020, you can see the test as our work progresses or We can hear more about them. “

Specifically, the survey asked consumers about the following options:

  • Send back: All you need is a 30-second window to remember / retrieve the tweet, before anyone can see it. This is something that Twitter has suggested in the past as a viable alternative to the “edit” button – which users have been using for years. Instead of allowing unlimited edits to tweets, and the significant investment in engineering that will be required. Users could correct this typo immediately after posting.
  • Custom color: In addition to “Night Mode”, you can change the color of Twitter’s font and theme on your phone and computer. Background colors, links, mentions, hashtags and icons will appear in the color of your choice.
  • Video publishing: You can publish 5x longer videos by current default, with maximum resolution (8192 × 8192)
  • Seeds: You get a badge on your profile that is related to your business or you work (for example: a journalist may have a badge for which they write.)
  • Auto Replies: Able to write and compile a menu of auto-responses for use in replies. This will probably be more useful for brands that want to send consumer queries to official channels.
  • Social listening: You can see conversations around your account on Twitter, including total volume, people and businesses that talk and say often. Once again, this will appeal to a wide range of brands.
  • Brand survey: You will be able to run a run to better understand people and survey people about ads, whether your ad was memorable and if people are likely to buy prominent products or services. Twitter is already running similar ads today, so it will be relatively easy to implement this feature.

This survey does not represent the features that Twitter will certainly serve as part of any future membership model. This is just the first step in gathering consumer feedback on what people think is worth the price.

Not on the survey? Actually an “edit” button. That can never happen!

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