Trump bans transactions with ByteDance and Tencent – TechCrunch

Trump bans transactions with ByteDance and Tencent – TechCrunch

Trump has stepped up his campaign against Chinese tech companies, including Facebook Extends work from home until mid-2021 and adds support for Netflix Hindi. August 7, 2020 is your daily crisis.

Big Story: Trump Tick Tack Signes US Business Ban Order Owner Byte Dennis And Tencent’s VChat

Both orders will take effect in 45 days, but the exact effect is unclear, as Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross does not seem to indicate what transactions are involved so far.

This comes after Trump had already said that he would ban tick-tock until the app was sold to a US owner. (In particular, Microsoft, which has acknowledged that it is in the acquisition talks.)

Tik Tok reacted to the order, saying it was “issued without action” and would jeopardize the commitment to the rule of law to “undermine global business trust in the United States.”

Tech giants

Facebook extends Core Virus work from Home Policy to July 2021 – Facebook joins Google to allow employees to work from home by mid-next year as a result of Corona virus epidemics Will allow

Netflix’s latest move in India: Hindi support – Netflix Hindi, a language spoken by about half a billion people in India, is supported.

The judge said Ober, the Left’s initial order, was a “matter of days.” – Left argues that re-hiring drivers as employees will cause irreparable damage.

Start-up, funding and venture capital

The Vice Chancellor’s rules are being broken. The latest installment of Equity discusses “rolling funds” and how they can change the Vice Chancellor’s landscape.

Mushroom added M 4M to its ‘end-to-end’ listings and property management service – the startup is moving “beyond the tenant-seeking service” to cover the entire rental journey.

Wendell Brooks has resigned as president of Intel Capital – Anthony Lin, who is at the forefront of mergers and acquisitions and international investment, will take power on an interim basis.

Advice and analysis from Extra Crunch

How to Choose Series A Investors – The founders need to know the people on their board, and Emergency Capital’s Jack Sapper has some ideas.

IoT and data science will promote food tech in the post-epidemic era – three “requirements” for post-epidemic retailers: rely on data, rely on biology and rely on hardware.

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Civic Tech Platform Mobilize Launches Census Center for the last part of the 2020 census The new site,, will promote non-profit census efforts and bring them together. Will

A federal judge has approved final decisions of proportional consent that barred film studios from owning theaters – U.S. District Court Judge Annelya Torres cited an increase in broadcast services such as Netflix as one of the reasons for her decision.

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