TransferWise confirms new $5B valuation following $319M secondary share sale – TechCrunch

TransferWise confirms new $5B valuation following $319M secondary share sale – TechCrunch

Transfer Wise, the international money transfer service at its London headquarters, is revealing that it is now worth 5 5 billion through private investors, an earlier Sky News report confirmed. The new valuation represents a 43% increase since May 2019, and began with a further $ 319 million in secondary share sales.

Leading the “secondary” share round – in which existing shareholders, including employees, are allowed to sell part of their holdings to other new and existing investors, and therefore means transfer-wise. No money is entered into the balance sheet – this is new investor D1 Capital Partner and current shareholder Lone Pine Capital.

Welken Capital also joined Bailey Goughford, Fidelity Investments and Local Globe as a new investor in its existing stake.

Significantly, the new valuation of تش 5 billion does not make Transferwise the most valuable privately owned fantasy in Europe. Clarna was out of the gate in August last year with a value of 5. 5.5 billion, and Revolt launched it in February this year before the end of the Corona virus crisis.

Each model represents a seemingly contradictory way of value and growth for a fantastic company, with profits varying from balancing equity to financing on each scale.

Clarna and Revolut both reached their latest value through major new core funding – 4 60,460 million and 500 500 million, respectively. Transfer Wise achieved this latest growth only behind the secondary private markets, and did so in May 2019, after a secondary turnover of 29 292 million, which saw investors value the company at 3.5 billion. That transfer was double the value achieved at the end of 2017 at the 0 280 million Series E round.

In addition, Transfer Wise, founded in 2010, has been profitable for some time in 2017, and Clarna, established in 2005, has been profitable from day one, but made its first loss last year by investing in global expansion. The smallest realtor continues to suffer losses, and prioritizes growth over that. But reportedly to make a profit by the end of this year.

Meanwhile, TransferWise now serves 8 million customers worldwide, handling approximately billion 4 billion in cross-border payments across 2,500 currency routes and 54 currencies each month. The company recently announced new regulatory permissions to offer savings and investment options in the United States through a Borderless Account, according to the transfer, with a new product launch “in the next 12 months.”

“We have been receiving exclusive financial support from our customers for the past few years and we do not need to raise external funds for the company,” co-founder and current CEO Christopher Kerman said in a statement. The secondary era provides an opportunity for new investors to come in, as well as rewarding investors and employees who have helped us succeed so far. ”

Of course, a new round of funding – secondary or primary – always invites the question of transfer when the transfer is intended to be public. On the one hand, this is an important question, as early and long-term investors are able to gain liquidity in the private markets. Late-stage large secondary investors, on the other hand, usually have an IPO in mind sooner or later.

“For us, it’s a decision that really depends on what’s the benefit. Kerman told me on a call late last month, and that’s all there will be.” When This is useful for the company And For our customers

However, whoever retains it, you would not expect the CEO to transfer it.

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