This new module keeps Philips Hue bulbs connected even when the wall switch gets flipped – TechCrunch

This new module keeps Philips Hue bulbs connected even when the wall switch gets flipped – TechCrunch

Philips Hugh bulbs are great, but they have one human enemy: the dim light switch. If you find a Hue bulb attached to a light switch, turning it over means that the bulk is completely lost; as well as controlling the bulb with any fancy tricks such as your phone or voice assistant. ۔

There are some solutions to this, but most of them involve switching the switch for any query with some more clever things. This morning Signif (formerly known as Philips Lighting) announced an official solution that works with your existing switches, although there are one or two opportunities.

Called the “Wall Switch Module”, it is expected later this year. Spring if you’re in Europe, or summer if you’re in North America. Once wired, it converts your existing light switch into something like a hue controller, which toggles between different light sets instead of just cutting off the power.

At $ 40 each (or $ 70 for a 2-pack), it’s not cheap. Add to that the fact that it has a battery-powered (possibly to eliminate the need for a neutral wire and simplifies installation) with an estimated age of سال 5 years, which is probably not the case. You want to implement at home. But for the same light switch or two, it seems like a good solution.

The company has also announced some new heavy accessories if you want to expand your collection:

  • A modified version of this portable dimmer switch, which will be shipped in February and will cost 25. The spirit on / off buttons are becoming the same toggle, and a “hue” button is being added to trigger a specific scene of light for you.
  • A new light bar, the Philips Hue Amarant, aims to stay outdoors and get on the ground or overheat. It will be shipped in North America in March, and each will cost $ 170 (although you will also need an external hue power supply box, which if you don’t already have قیمت 60.) $ Will add Rs. 70)

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