SpaceX successfully flies its Starship prototype to a height of around 500 feet – TechCrunch

SpaceX Starship is building its next-generation spacecraft at its site in Boca Czech, Texas. The company has built a number of Starship prototypes to date, including an earlier version called Star Shopper, which was originally the bottom of the rocket. Today, the company flew its first full-scale prototype (minus the dome cap that will appear on the final version, and without the wing flaps that will appear below its sides), about 150 meters (only its Obtained an initial flight of 500 feet)

This is one of the prototypes in the testing process. It has been named Starship SN5, which is the fifth article of the test. SpaceX Before switching to this new nomenclature scheme, he actually developed a full-scale demonstration skill called Starship MK1, which, along with previous versions that failed at various locations during the preparations, This is the sixth form of formation. Static engine test fire testing and follow up.

In fact, the SN5 is now the first of its kind to be tested and unloaded. The prototype fired a successful static test fire earlier this week, paving the way for today’s short-flight test. It is equipped with only one repeater engine, while the final starship will have six repeaters on the board to give maximum thrust. It managed to fly straight and fly, which means that everything is planned by all external signals.

Image Credit: NASA Spacelight (Opens in a new window)

Earlier, the star shopper had fulfilled a similar expectation in August 2019. SpaceX has an aggressive prototype development program to try to get starships in working order, with the goal of flying flying payloads using functional orbital vehicles by early next year. Finally, the starship is designed to be paired with the future Falcon Heavy Booster to carry massive loads in orbit around the Earth to the Moon and eventually to Mars.

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