Panasonic to expand battery capacity at Tesla Gigafactory – TechCrunch

Panasonic to expand battery capacity at Tesla Gigafactory – TechCrunch

Panasonic Another production line is being added to the large-scale factory that runs with Tesla in Nevada, an expansion that will increase battery cell capacity by 10 percent.

The Sparks facility, called Gigafactory 1, is Tesla’s hub Plans to increase global battery capacity and reduce the cost of electric vehicles. Panasonic has been its most important partner in the project, which should continue until at least 2023, based on the current agreement.

Tesla and Panasonic initially planned for the Giga factory to produce 35 gigawatt-hour batteries a year. This goal was achieved with 13 production lines. This latest extension, first reported by the Reno Gazette Journal and confirmed by TechCrunch, will add a fourteenth line.

Panasonic said the Giga factory needed to add 100 more jobs with the additional line.

Panasonic told TechCrunch that construction work on the project has already begun. As Panasonic adds this new line, it will continue to install new technology for the “2170” lithium-ion cells that it manufactures and supplies to Tesla, a change that draws energy from existing cells. Will increase the density of cobalt by 5% and reduce the expensive cobalt content. Panasonic is upgrading all 13 battery cell lines with production. The new technology will allow for steady improvement, with an expectation of a 20% increase in energy density in five years.

Increasing the energy density in cells means that Tesla will theoretically see the same benefits in its packs, which should improve the battery life in its Model 3 and Model Y. The Model 3 and its latest car use 2170 cells. , Model Y A reduction in cobalt content, an unusual chemical element that is expensive and has social and environmental costs, can also help reduce the cost of cells.

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