How to Land an Internship: The Ultimate Guide

How to Land an Internship: The Ultimate Guide

While the landscape of the college landscape has changed this year, there is no need for what you create. In the last few months, companies may begin to feel the positive effects of working remotely on their teams. As the new school year approaches, you may be wondering how you can get more miles.

Although some businesses are operating from a distance, this does not mean that your internship prospects are constrained. Before you graduate, get yourself out there to test the waters of your career, and do an internship that prepares your career and your budget.

Start looking for an internship

First things first, look for the internship you want to have. Although you may be wondering what you would like to do after college, keep your internship options wide. Cast your applications far and wide – you may be obsessed with something other than you thought.

Create your own resume and cover letter to impress

Second, start preparing the perfect “virtual” impression. Tailor your experience to work on your application and double check that there are no errors in your experience list. Also, make a stellar cover letter that will knock them out of the park. Be sure to show your real interest in their company.

Impress from day one

You may have interviewed, make it the best interview yet. Research the company you are interviewing with. Find out how they got started, how far they’ve come and who the key players in the industry are. If interviewers release their names before the interview, research their impact on each individual and company.

You got the job – demonstrate your skills now

Now that you have a job, you are ready to make the most of this experience. Start by inspiring your team on the first day at work, and expand your network. During the first week, go around the office and introduce yourself to everyone. Over time, you may develop professional connections as career instructors. As your relationship grows, be sure to maintain it.

Check out our infographic below for more tips and tricks to take off the dream internship that actually pays off.

7 Tips To Get Your Dream Into An Internship (Which Pay!)

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