How to Create Thriving Opportunities During Unfortunate Times

How to Create Thriving Opportunities During Unfortunate Times

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The current situation that we are all dealing with in the world has had an extraordinary impact on businesses, which is conceivable in every industry. From tourism and travel to retail to even e-commerce, business is scarce and there is a sense of uncertainty around the world.

There are always unfortunate world events that we have to deal with, but the one global epidemic we are experiencing right now is unsafe water for most business owners and business people.

One of my companies creates consumer beauty brands directly for consumers and we launched a new brand in the midst of a global epidemic. Many people said that launching a new brand during the epidemic was very risky.

Guess what happened? He took it off. It exploded at the gate and scaled faster than other brands, beginning with what many experts say were stable economic times. We made sure to check out the many boxes – which I knew would lead to our success.

This formula does not only apply to e-commerce brands. This really applies to any new business. While most people are playing it safe and grinding less, there is a huge opportunity to introduce new products or services to the market.

Here are some things to consider.

1. Highly identify a need, identity, or desire

The brand we started was an in-house kit that allows consumers to get salon quality nails at home. One of the biggest complaints on social media was nails – or lack of authority since most salons were ordered to close.

As it became clear that the salons would not open for some time, we decided to launch a home kit. There was a clear need, desire, and desire. All you have to do is look at social media and it is very clear that if we come up with a solution in the market, we will have satisfied and able buyers.

The demand was there and the price point was much cheaper than the salon. We created a win-win situation for the user. They managed to get their nails done and save money. In unexpected times, there is always a need and a need. Identify them and you will face the opportunity directly in the face.

“Opportunity lies in the midst of adversity.” – Albert Einstein

2. Place your presentation directly in front of your target audience

There is also an aspect of the global epidemic that has benefited many businesses. They can easily market their ideal customer through online marketing.

From email marketing to paid social media and influence marketing – consumers were at home and a large number of them were on their computers or had their mobile devices flattened in their hands.

With our brand, we knew we could walk Highly targeted social media campaigns And put our offer in front of people who wanted to find a solution to the nail problem. The same logical thinking was used by many businesses.

Let’s take the restaurant industry as an example. Many had to stop serving and seating guests, so they just had to move out and switch to delivery. Many people who didn’t pay attention before did so by immediately activating social media ads and forcing local users to download their app or order them through platforms such as Oberoi and PostMate. Used to encourage.

3. Show empathy in your marketing message

In our situation, we could at most run ads directly with the message “Finish your nails” and get some interest. But we decided to focus on showing empathy by offering customers solutions.

The epidemic has had a devastating effect on people – from losing loved ones to escaping the virus – so this initial touch point needs a soft message. I am constantly analyzing D2C marketing and messaging and during this crisis I have noticed that some of the most successful campaigns have shown a level of empathy in the message.

I think a lot of brands think that consumers will stop spending money during epidemics, which was not the case. Some brands cut back on advertising, creating another opportunity – lower advertising costs and media purchases.

It honestly couldn’t be easier. “Hey, we know that time is crazy and there is a sense of uncertainty all over the world, and we also know that you miss out on the little things like getting your nails done.”

Brands, especially new ones, were given an opportunity to build stronger relationships with consumers. Life got a little slow. People were not in such a hurry because they literally had nowhere to go.

It was an opportunity to tell you how to take care of that relationship and how to build it. It’s actually directly related to my last point.

“There is only one boss. The customer and he can dismiss everyone in the company from the chairman to another place just by spending his money. – Sam Walton

4. Run and create with the post-tragedy scale in mind

I’ve seen the levels of many brands during the epidemic, and I’m willing to bet they’ll go a long way when I check them below the line for a few months. Why? Because they focus only on the “now” and have zero vision for the future.

This is the wrong way to introduce a new opportunity. The long-term scale and growth is one of the reasons I called for strong initial relationships with customers.

If you connect with a customer during a difficult time and establish a meaningful relationship with a product or service that helps them – solve a problem or keep their mind off the current situation – So they are moving very brand loyal.

Through our brand, we are tackling the problem of epidemics and shutdowns, but we are also providing convenience and a product that has the potential to grow in the “normal” world. Anyone who has been introduced to the brand during these times and whose experience is pleasant is reiterated that it will be reiterated.

Brands that are only focused on making deer faster will take over when things get better and consumers will return to their normal activities and routines. Those who had a scale of epidemics in their brains will continue to grow and develop in the future.

How do you create opportunities in uncertain times? Share your thoughts with us below!

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