How to Appreciate Life and Not Just Exist in It

How to Appreciate Life and Not Just Exist in It

Do you sometimes stare into space and wonder, “Why am I here?” “what am I doing?” Or “There’s more to life than that.” We get stuck in sleep, work, home, sleep, work, home and your daily routine.

Since when do we become conditioned to live? Was it before our parents and grandparents? Or is it from our environment that we have to adjust to comply with the rules? I believe that this way of life is called “present”. When we go through the motives of everyday life and get into the routine, we don’t realize that there is another way of life, which is called “Long live”.

Very few people understand the difference and very few people are able to jump from life to survival. We do not realize that there is another way unless we choose to acknowledge that there is. Usually, this is shown to us by a mentor, teacher, elder, or a friend. When you choose ‘existence’ instead of ‘survival’, you begin to see your life on earth from a completely different perspective. It’s as if your mind is open and you’re looking at your life through a new pair of glasses, never wanting to take it off.

When I saw a mentor in a webinar, I understood the power of ‘long live’. I realized from what was discussed and I wanted to learn more. This mentor was talking about experiences to enjoy life, to connect oneself to full and loving relationships, and to create purposeful and deliberate experiences in daily activities. I asked in amazement, “How are you going to start living like this? I want to do this. I had to work and read anything that was about living, not just that.”

“While no one can go back and start an entirely new beginning, anyone can start now and end anew.” – Carl Bard

I found three useful tips that I use to guide me in today’s life. Below, you can read about them:

1. Be carefull And it is present in every situation

This is a skill that is constantly being worked on all the time! What exactly is involved? It involves being aware of your own thoughts and what you say to yourself. We generate thousands of ideas every day and it is impossible to keep each one in mind. Although you can keep most of them in mind. To be intelligent requires mental discipline and attention. It’s just like an exercise, it gets stronger with more exercise.

Being present is also a challenge that requires mental discipline and attention. It is able to appreciate and recognize the environment around you, whether it is eating or sitting in a park or getting stuck in gridlock traffic.

Reminding yourself to be present in this moment illuminates the ‘living’ part of life. These are the colors falling on the tree that you saw in the park or it is enjoying every bite and delicious taste of your food that you are tasting. It is focusing on the here and now.

2. Create experiments

I don’t think the majority benefit from creating experiences in their lives. Sure, you take the annual family vacation in 2 weeks out of the year but what about the other 50 weeks? What kind of experiences do you create in the remaining 50?

Recently, I was listening to one of my advisers and he exchanged that a given money, it is better to use this money in experiments and adventures than to use it. The reason behind this is that with objects, we create happiness from this object moment by moment. Happiness does not last long.

When we use money to create experiences and adventures, we are left with memories and a physical rejection of that adventure or experience. You can revive it over and over again. It will continue to provide happiness. The last time you created an experiment? Was it camping in the backyard with your kids? Or taking a cooking class with a friend? Or how to go with your partner on the weekends and make everything uncluttered? Experiment in your life so that you can ‘live’. And see what is there. Make memories!

“Life’s most tragic summary includes three explanations: may be, may be and should be.” – Louis E. Bone

what. Do more of what makes you happy

I will be honest. This is a really difficult question for many people to answer. “Who makes you happy?” It’s like having an unwritten rule or law about being happy. Like it is haraam or something else.

It seems that once you become an adult, you should not be happy or happiness is only for children. Or worse yet, happiness is temporary. Yes, there are times when we face misfortune like divorce or maybe you have just been given bad news about your health. There may be some bad things in the world. I don’t deny it but the choice is how you want to feel about the situation. Even if you are in a terrible situation, there is definitely something that can brighten your mood, even for a moment. Whether she is reading a book or going for a walk or talking to a friend.

When we come to our senses and choose to do as much as we can to make our lives happier, we will begin to see life better. When we feel and feel what makes us happy, it is up to us that we often deliberately aim to do it so that we can enjoy being happy. Whether you are 8 or 80 years old, make sure you let yourself feel happy and joyful.

I use these three points a lot in my life, and it has helped me see life in a new way. I care more about the people I’m talking to, praising and expressing it in everything I experience, and happily spoiling myself because there’s nothing wrong with that. do not have. Isn’t it time for you to start ‘alive’ and not ‘exist’?

What makes you happiest in life? Share your thoughts and stories with us below!

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