Facebook’s redesign goes live with simplified navigation and dark mode – TechCrunch

Facebook’s redesign goes live with simplified navigation and dark mode – TechCrunch

After months of testing, Facebook’s new design is finally official. Announced at the F8 last year, the more minimalist approach to its desktop design has been rippled. In March, the company added an option to try the new version. Users can go back and leave feedback on why they did it. This week, the new design became official.

Change is difficult, especially when it comes to redesigning popular websites. Even the best design still requires some maintenance of the user’s brain. Simplicity is the thing here – it’s a particularly big demand for platforms like Facebook, which is constantly adding new places to content. Playing with it early on, I can say that Facebook is not afraid to leave a blank canvas for this “fresh, easy” design. Videos, games, and groups are among the categories of content that will be preferred here.

The redesign takes hints from the mobile app, which offers faster load times and easier navigation (again, get used to it). The company was started 16 years ago. “We’ve developed new features, optimized for new devices and operating systems, and spread across hundreds of languages. Recently we focused on the mobile Facebook experience, and we realized that our desk The top site is lagging behind. People need it to keep up.

For many, the biggest news here is the long-awaited arrival of Dark Mode for the desktop, as Facebook eventually becomes the favorite of Twitter and countless apps. No doubt they are well aware of the benefits of Dark Mode: it’s easy and generally makes for a better video viewing experience (the company’s top priority these days).

Also new is the ability to make groups, pages and ads naturally faster than ever before. The new version also offers a preview of each, so you know what you’re adding to before it’s published.

The company says it is still actively seeking customer feedback. So you can voice your inevitable dissatisfaction in the settings menu. In an effort to make everyone on the Internet happy, Facebook will continue to adapt the design.

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