Facebook boots Patriot Prayer, a far-right group with a history of violence – TechCrunch

Facebook boots Patriot Prayer, a far-right group with a history of violence – TechCrunch

Facebook Accounts belonging to the right-wing group Patriot Prior and its leader Joey Gibson were removed from the platform on Friday, citing a new effort to eliminate “violent social militias”.

The effort was launched in mid-August with a policy update on the company’s “dangerous individuals and organizations” rules. These changes resulted in the deletion of several groups and pages linked to the pro-Trump conspiracy ideology known as the QAon and some militia organizations, as well as groups and pages linked to the Antifa, which has been linked to fascism. Opposes

Addressing a blog post, Facebook wrote, “… we have seen growing movements that do not directly organize violence but celebrate violence, showing that they have weapons. And they suggest that they use them, or that the individual’s followers have patterns of violence. ” Pressure to eliminate potentially violent groups.

The Patriot Prairie is a right-wing group based in Vancouver, Washington, known for its confrontational programs in left-leaning urban centers. The events of the Patriot Prairie, which often result in violence and street fighting, have historically attracted members of other extremist groups, including the Proud Boys and the neo-Nazi group Identity Europa.

According to court documents obtained by Queen News, last year, Gibson did not accuse Portland of rioting as a result of a street fight in which he “pushed a woman, taunted several people.” And physically threatened others. “

The group drew national attention this week when one of its supporters, Aaron “Jay” Danielson, was shot dead Saturday night as he clashed with racial justice protesters in the city. A convoy of Trump supporters was shot dead after heading to a Portland city. Center for more than three months.

Michael Renwell, a suspect in Danielson’s death, was shot dead Thursday night when a task force of federal agents and local law enforcement tried to apprehend him near Olympia, Washington. Reno Hale appears to have been a regular participant in the ongoing anti-fascist and Portland protests.

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TechCanch reached out to YouTube and Twitter to find out if there were any plans to take action on Patriot Privacy accounts on those platforms, and to update the story if we found out more. The group has a Twitter account with over 16,000 followers and a YouTube account “Joey Gibson Patriot Prairie USA” with over 50,000 users.

On Thursday, Gibson estimated that national attention had diverted his group from Facebook and encouraged Patriot Prayer supporters to follow him on the small conservative social network parlor.

“Facebook can ban me at any moment,” Gibson wrote.

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