Elon Musk says Tesla is open to licensing Autopilot, supplying powertrains and batteries to other automakers – TechCrunch

Elon Musk says Tesla is open to licensing Autopilot, supplying powertrains and batteries to other automakers – TechCrunch

Tesla CEO Elon Musk It was noted on Twitter on Tuesday night that the automaker would be open to “supply licensed software and power trains and batteries” to other carmakers. Musk added that it would also include autopilot, state-of-the-art driver assistance software that Tesla has offered to provide intelligent cruise control in a variety of driving scenarios.

Musk was addressing a Teslarati article on how German carmakers want to bridge the technology gap between themselves and Tesla when it comes to building EVs. Herbert Dice, chairman of Volkswagen, has praised Kasturi and Tesla on several occasions in past comments.

VW has developed its own EV platform, which it plans to use as a base for a variety of electric cars, from sports cars to SUVs. The company is also openly trying to license its MEB platform to other carmakers, and signed a similar deal with Ford last July for the European business of the American automaker.

Musk says Tesla’s interest in licensing is for its main purpose, which is to “accelerate sustainable energy, not crush rivals,” according to his tweet. This is not the first time that the automaker has expressed a desire to be more independent in pursuing this goal, either: In 2014, Musk wrote a blog post announcing that Tesla would freely acquire its intellectual property. “Will make available to anyone. In good faith, wants to use [its] Technology.

Indeed, it has not stopped Tesla from targeting a potential competitor through legal action on the occasion – it filed a lawsuit last week against electric car maker Raven and four of its former employees, including commercial He was accused of stealing secrets and identifying key abilities.

A platform license or supplier relationship would be a very different arrangement, of course, and that’s a great example in the automaker industry. Nor will it necessarily have a negative impact on Tesla’s own auto sales, as the company offers other selling points above and beyond the power train and battery tech under its influence.

At the time of Volkswagen’s announcement, the German carmaker said it expects to raise up to 20 billion through the MEB agreement with Ford, which includes the supply of MEB parts and components. An important part of the future. Tesla may realize similar benefits, but perhaps it will increase globally, especially if it can take power train and battery production beyond the demand of its vehicle.

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