Edtech funding surges, Poland VC survey, inside Shift’s SPAC plan, more – TechCrunch

Edtech funding surges, Poland VC survey, inside Shift’s SPAC plan, more – TechCrunch

I live in san Francisco, but I work on the East Coast schedule to get the news day jump. So I was at my desk a few hours earlier on Wednesday morning when I looked up and saw:

Seeing the natural environment change so much that I still have my work to do. This is not something to be proud of: I have a desk job and a working air filter. (People who deliver toxic air or teach their children at home while working from home during a global pandemic, however, are influenced by what is outside of me.)

Not coincidentally, the stories of the two extra crunches we’ve run since Tuesday’s newsletter are directly tied to what’s happening outside my window.

As predicted by this guest post, I made one of the best attempts to track a delayed package using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) which really poisoned my customer experience and

Sheltering on the spot to escape the novel Corona virus – and wildfire smoke – is fueling growth in the video game industry, perhaps a factor in the alliance Software Inc. plans to go public before rival Apex Games. In the two-part series, we looked at how the company has moved beyond sports and shared a detailed financial breakdown.

We’ve covered a lot of land this week, so scroll down or visit the recently redesigned Extra Crunch homepage. If you would like to receive this roundup every Tuesday and Friday by email, please click here.

Thanks so much for reading the extra crunch I hope your weekend is relaxed and safe.

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The concept of the engine of unity by Nigel Sussman

Image Credit: Nigel Sussman (Opens in a new window)

In a two-part series on Tech Crunch and Extra Crunch, former media columnist Eric Pemham returned to share his analysis of Alliance Unit Software Inc.’s S-1 filing.

The first part is a deep dive in which the company goes beyond gaming and develops a variety of revenue streams and where it goes.

For the second part of the extra crunch, he studied the company’s numbers to get a glimpse of its approximately $ 11 billion value.

The Palace of Culture and Science is reminiscent of Communism in Mesavin Woodship, Warsaw, Poland.

Image Credit: Edwin Reimsberg (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

As we have covered before, the Covid 19 epidemic is making the world much smaller.

Investors who focus on their own backyard still benefit, but the ability to arrange an immediate enough meeting with a promising investor is not one of them.

Although some vice chancellors are cutting checks first after the zoom call, personal networks of regional investors are still trump cards. Tourists will always rely on guide books, which is why we keep surveying investors around the world.

A Dealroom report released this summer found that 97 VC funds in Poland last year supported more than 1,600 funding rounds. With the help of early and late phased startups and 400,000 engineers in the country, it is easy to find out why foreign investors are taking notice.

Editor-in-Chief Mike Kasser reached out to a number of investors who typically focus on Warsaw and Poland to learn more about startups and expand their interest in finantics, gaming, security and other areas.

  • Brian Cooper, Managing Partner, Arkley Brink Vice Chancellor
  • Anna Wnuk-Bżażejczyk, Investor Relations Manager, VC
  • Rafas Rozak, Director of Investment, Unique Mint
  • Michael Masrozkowski, Partner, Market One Capital
  • Marcus Erkin, Partner, Sunfish Partners
  • Boris Musilak, Partner, SMO Ventures
  • Matthias Esberg, Partner, NextGrade
  • Kuba Dadek, Speed ​​Up Venture Capital Group
  • Marcus Lakinsky, partner, Next Road Ventures
  • Mika Rokoz, Partner, Invoice Venture Partners

We will run the end of this survey next Tuesday.

Customer relationship management and leader concepts on the whiteboard

Image Credit: cnythzl (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Even starting a job, building a strong customer service channel – or at least one that doesn’t bother people – is a reliable way to keep customers in the sales funnel.

The use of AI and automation is fine, but now when consumers ask the phone and smart speaker to forecast the weather and read the instructions, their expectations are higher than ever.

If you’re trying to figure out what people want from customer experiences with personal interests and you can put AI into practice for what you’re offering them, get started here.

Image Credit: Nigel Sussman (Opens in a new window)

For today’s edition of The Exchange, Natasha Mascarenhas teamed up with Alex Wellell to examine how the rise of epidemics in ADTEC is appearing on the funding front.

Statistics show that the funds hit the sector’s high water mark, which will exceed the target set in 2018, so the two studied the data until August 31, which included several mega-rounds that included 100 Have exceeded one million dollars.

He concluded, “Now the living challenge for the sector will keep its growth alive in 2021, showing investors that their 2020 stain has not been made during a single, warmer year.” had gone.”

Digital binary code on a red background. Cybercrime concept

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The problem is that someone will come to my house and steal my belongings. I lock my door when I leave home, however, and my valuables are insured. I’m stupid, not stupid.

Similarly: Is your initial cybersecurity strategy based on hope, or do you have a response plan in case of data breach?

Security reporter Zack Whitaker has seen some skeptical reactions to security breaches, which is why he did an autopsy on a corporation that he thought was right.

“Once in a while, the company’s response eliminates the daily flood of hypocrisy, disgust and lies,” says Zack.

No. 6 on the railway tracks during sunset

Image Credit: Eric Burger / IM (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

There are a lot of voices these days about special purpose companies.

Used Car Marketplace Shift announced its SPAC in June 2020, and is on track to complete the process in the next few months, so co-founder / co-CEO George Erison posted an additional Crunch guest post. Write what he has learned.

The first one: “If you go the SPAC route, you will need to become a financial engineering expert.”

Image Credit: Sophie Elcorn

Dear Sophie:

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Image Credit: Patrick T. Fallon / Bloomberg (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

When we count the September 23 premiere NYSE: PLTR, Danny Crichton looked at the “strong secondary market” which has allowed some investors to acquire shares sooner.

“Given the number of people involved and the number of shares bought and sold over the past 18 months, we can gain some insight into how insiders understand the value of a planter,” he writes.

A vector example of padlocks and keys in a repeating pattern against a blue background.

Image Credit: Jack Alumb / Getty Images

Zack Whitaker interviewed BigCrude CTO, founder and chairman Casey Ellis about the best proposal he has for building a startup culture that takes security seriously.

“It’s everyone’s problem,” Ellis said. Which encouraged the founders to promote the concept of “productive paranoia”.

Now that the envelope of risk includes everything from marketing to engineering, employees need to “internalize the fact that bad things can and can happen if you do wrong,” Ellis said.

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