Dish closes Boost Mobile purchase, following T-Mobile/Sprint merger – TechCrunch

Dish closes Boost Mobile purchase, following T-Mobile/Sprint merger – TechCrunch

T-Mobile announced today that it has closed the deal that separates Sprint Prepay businesses, including Boost and Virgin Mobile. The news reveals that Dash is entering the wireless carrier game, courtesy of a 1.4 billion deal.

Sp, of course, was an important part of the bid to integrate T-Mobile into the spirit. It was a relatively small discount for those concerned that such an agreement would reduce market competition, as the number of major carriers in the US states has dropped from four to three. billion 26 billion T-Mobile / Sprint The deal was finally completed in April this year, resulting in the loss of hundreds of jobs, as TechCrunch reported last month.

The deal gives Dish a great start in the prepaid phone game, which has nine million subscribers in the North and will have access to T-Mobile’s wireless network for the next seven years. He has also been spotted by current Dish CEO CO Sueranga taking steps to lead a subsidiary. Oh, and a new boost logo, too, seen below,


Watch? This is basically the old Boost mobile Logo, but with small dish wireless logos in the middle, to really show you who the boss is. Dish took the opportunity to announce a new plan for Boost users with 15 GB of data for 45 GB, and it has already announced a new T-Mobile for users with already synced devices. Has started converting to a supported network.

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