Committing to a fully zero-emission fleet by 2040, Uber is dedicating $800 million to electrifying its drivers – TechCrunch

Committing to a fully zero-emission fleet by 2040, Uber is dedicating $800 million to electrifying its drivers – TechCrunch

Royal Healing Giant Uber is committed to becoming a completely zero-emission platform by 2040 and will set aside 800 800 million by 2025 to help its drivers use electric vehicles.

The company said it would invest more in micro-mobility options, with 100 percent of its rides going to electric vehicles in the United States and Canada. And European cities in which the company operates. Uber He also said that he would commit to zero emissions from his corporate operations by 2030.

If the company can target its timeline, Ober will achieve the milestones in its operations a decade before Paris. The climate agreement targets are set for 2050.

The key to the company’s efforts are four new and expanding initiatives, according to a statement.

Obergreen is the first of 15 cities in the United States and Canada. For consumers wishing to spend extra dollars, they can apply for an EV or hybrid electric vehicle. By the end of the year, Ober Green will be available in more than 65 cities around the world. The company said riders who choose the green option will receive three times the upper reward points for a typical Oberoi ride.

Ober’s second move to make the world a greener space is to pledge $ 800 million to move its fleet to electric vehicles. Part of the transfer is being subsidized by a $ 1 surcharge for riders who choose the green color and the company that collects it under its London and French Clean schemes. This is the 15% (or penny) surcharge that Ober has been collecting since January last year in European cities to pay for the electricity costs of its drivers’ cars.

Dara Koroshahi, Chief Executive Officer of Uber Technologies Inc., speaking at an event in New Delhi, India on Thursday, February 22, 2018. During his visit to Japan, Khosrowshahi made it clear that the riding company was not performing well. Intentions in some Asian markets despite speculation of a setback. Photographer: Indito Mukherjee / Bloomberg via Getty Images

To encourage drivers to turn green, Umair raised an additional 50 cents for each “Uber Green” trip completed in the United States and Canada to be paid for by riders. Drivers using EVs will also receive another dollar from Ober, which adds up to $ 1.50 more per trip for each EV ride.

Other interests include a partnership with GM in the United States and Canada and Renault In Europe, Nissan will offer Ober drivers discounts on electric vehicles. Working with Owais, Ober plans to offer more electric vehicles for rent to American drivers. The company, meanwhile, said it would work with companies like BP to develop new charging stations to increase electric vehicle charging. EVigo, AnilX, Izuea via EDF, and

Amber is also working to revive the idea of ​​replacing robotic batteries so that consumers can forget their worries when it comes to charging for a new car. It is working with San Francisco-based startup Ample, as the young company develops its own battery-changing tech – and Lithium Urban Technologies, which operates electric fleets outside India.

Building on its existing micro-mobility network, the company is also bringing Lime’s bikes and scooters closer to its networks and expanding its shared ride programs as much as it is safe. The company also plans to expand its travel planning feature to enable customers to view pricing options, schedules and directions to and from transit stations. Ober now also offers in-app ticketing in more than ten cities, so people can buy public transit passes within the app. As a grace of revolt, Ober also unveiled a new feature that will allow users to plan their travel in Chicago and Sydney using their cars and public transit wherever they need to go.

Finally, the company has released its first climate assessment and performance report, which analyzes emissions from the company’s operations in the United States and Canada from 2017 to 2019. Surprisingly, Ober found it to be more efficient than single-occupant driving, but the company revealed that its carbon footprint is higher than the average occupant’s personal cars. This means that when there are two people using a private car, their map is less than that of an Uber driver in search of passengers.

While arguing that Uber should not charge its customers so much for electricity transfers, these are positive steps for a company that wants to reduce its carbon footprint, so there is a long way to go. The rest

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