Box is now letting all staff work from home to reduce coronavirus risk – TechCrunch

Box is now letting all staff work from home to reduce coronavirus risk – TechCrunch

Box has joined a number of tech companies that support employees to work remotely from home, in response to the spread of the novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19.

This applies the policy to all staff, regardless of location.

Box co-founder Aaron Levy at the end of tomorrow A statement about the cloud computing company’s response to COVID-19 tweeted – as it said, “ensure the availability of our service and the safety of our employees”.

Twitter in recent times Likewise, all staff members are encouraged to work from home. While companies including Amazon, Google, LinkedIn and Microsoft have also advised some staff to work remotely to reduce the risk of being exposed to the virus.

In its response statement, the box states that it has implemented its business continuity plans “to ensure that core business functions and technology are viable in the event of any potential disruption.”

“We have long recognized the potential risks associated with service interruptions due to adverse events such as earthquakes, power outages, or public health crises such as COVID-19, which will affect our strategic, operational, stakeholder Responsibilities Affect – This is why we have a business continuity program to provide the box operations and policies needed to protect them. cFormal business, “the company writes.

In a section on “Manpower Flexibility and Business Continuity” it notes that working at home is a normal part of his business activities but says he is now giving all of his staff the option, Regardless of the office or place they usually do not work. It is saying that “a lot of caution during COVID-19” is happening.

Other steps taken to reduce the risk include suspending all international travel and limiting unnecessary domestic travel, the company says. Reducing large consumer events and gatherings; and emphasizing health and hygiene at all office locations. – “Maintaining cleaning supplies and encouraging an ‘if you’re sick, stay home’ mentality.

It also states that it has conducted practically all the new hires and interviews of candidates.

The box contains a number of tools that say it helps with mobility and remote work, including its services in support of secure content. Zoom Video communication tool; Slack messaging app; Okata Additional secure “Cloud Tools” for secure ID; as well as ensuring “uninterrupted remote work for all employees”.

Clearly spying on the opportunity to ride new customers, as COVID-19 fears more companies switch to remote working, the box post also links to free training resources for their cloud computing tools. Is.

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