Be Determined, Persevere and Have Faith: 3 Keys to Success

Be Determined, Persevere and Have Faith: 3 Keys to Success

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In life, there is no shortcut to success. It is through determination and perseverance that we can overcome our difficulties. Do you know why people fail? The reason is that they gave up, and they think it’s no longer worth the effort. Well, this is where they are wrong. Perhaps, if they tried a little too much, they would have succeeded in pursuing them.

Commitment and perseverance shape our personalities, while trust in our abilities makes us stronger. Faith is important because it relieves anxiety, and helps us not to be overwhelmed by the sheer breadth of work ahead of us. Through perseverance, faith and determination, we can overcome difficulties and achieve our goals.

These three attributes help us.

1. Keep our heads high and keep the march going

Commitment comes from faith. And when we are determined, we strive to achieve our goals despite repeated failures.

Michael Jordan Basketball is considered the greatest player ever. But this was not an easy start for him. After he tried for the varsity basketball team, he dropped out. At 5’11, ‘it was considered too small. It was a big shock to him. But he did not lose hope and stick to it.

Not only did his skills improve but his height also increased, and he became the star of Lenny’s Junior University team. Today, as we all know, he became one of the great parties, playing for the Chicago Bulls. So, did humiliation and sarcasm bother him? No, in fact, it affected him even more.

Therefore, there is no shame in losing and trying again. But, if you leave, you will repent all your life. Trust yourself, maintain discipline, be committed and work hard. You will succeed.

“I can’t really do anything but go and hang out there.” – Freddy Freeman

2. Get experience

Through repeated tests, we are informed about what works and what doesn’t. But, if you weren’t determined and didn’t make the dedicated effort, would you know it? Roadblocks will be part and parcel of your journey, but it is faith that will take you to the end of the road.

Thomas Edison, A very successful inventor, scientist and entrepreneur, quoted in the famous quote “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 paths that will not work.” , It made a thousand unsuccessful attempts. But, did he give up? No, he stood by his failures. In his next attempt, he was a winner. So, unless you try, how do you know that you will not succeed?

3. Change your perspective

Time and again, successful men and women have taught us that there is no alternative to hard work. If we are determined and have passion and confidence in what we are doing, we will make progress. In addition, if you are failing, take it positively, learn from the mistakes and change your perspective.

Bill gates, An American business magnate and co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, removed from Harvard. Then, he co-owns a business called Traffic-o-Data, which has virtually failed. Was he disappointed? No, he changed his plans and put his skills to good use and became a pioneer of Microsoft, a well-known software company.

Similarly, Steve Jobs, another US business tycoon and Apple’s co-founder, was fired. He realized that his passion for doing so had exceeded the frustration of failure. After their brief pressure on NeXT and Pixar, Jobs returned to Apple as CEO. All he did was to change his point of view. He trusted in his abilities, and he was determined.

So, you see, steadfastness and acceptance of failure, by faith, is a long way to go.

“Stick around. Don’t lose your heart, just keep going, stay on it.” – Mark Ruffalo

How to train yourself so that we can develop those skills.

In words it all sounds easy. But, how do we really become determined and want to keep practicing or get broken? As it turns out, it starts with trusting your actions and doubting your abilities. True, you have to acquire your skills, but you have to believe that ‘you can do this.’

Our mind is an incredibly powerful tool. You can’t even represent it. If you train your mind to be positive, you will become more committed. We often find that when we have problems we tend to end this situation. In such cases, faith is the source that helps us to fill a lost spirit.

So, you must Exercise Meditation Creating a sense of positivity in yourself. This will help you to overcome your restrictions. You will know that you are making bold decisions, and you are confident about them.

As you can see, the concentrated power of faith is found in considerable quantities. That way, when we focus on life, we get the most out of it. If we focus on failure, we will eventually fail. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how you think. If you stay positive and maintain the attitude of ‘keep going’, you will win no matter how hard your obstacles are. Hopefully, one day you will write your success story.

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