At the first-ever virtual DNC, Democrats play it safe – TechCrunch

At the first-ever virtual DNC, Democrats play it safe – TechCrunch

The first All-Virtual Democratic National Convention is in full swing, but don’t expect fireworks. The incident runs for two hours on a Thursday night on a split TV that apparently sets no record for viewers, even though most Americans are at home.

This should come as no surprise to anyone following former Vice President Joe Biden Unexpectedly, there will be an increase in the upper echelons of the party this year, but this year the extraordinary DNC does not inject any interesting social media twists nor does it prevent the amazing technical parts of the virtual presence.

As we have seen in the race for the Democratic nomination, what works seems to prevail – even if it does not provoke. And if the week continues without any viral gaffs or technical glitches, the Democrats’ big event next week will definitely serve as a strong virtual basis for the comparison to the Wild Republican-nominated convention. The main purpose of this year’s nominee event seems to be to start without any significant catastrophe, which in fact is a very lofty goal in 2020.

This year’s DNC is being held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but almost all of its speakers are from other parts of the country. Maggie Rogers’ musical performances on the rooftops of Leffen Bridges and on a beach broke some of the hard parts, but the broadcasters suddenly part with them for comment.

The DNC’s first night relied heavily on pre-recorded video, from effectively dramatic glances about a nation in crisis to Michelle Obama’s. Emotional appeal against four more years of Trumpism. A large amount of programming was pre-recorded – a strategic move to avoid technical glitches but it significantly reduced power. Despite the format challenges, a handful of powerful moments still managed to evoke Sophie’s bound feelings.

In the early moments of the first night, the brothers of George Floyd, an unarmed black man brutally killed by Minnesota police officers, demanded that the movement for racial justice be continued after the tragic death of his brother. ۔

“We should always know the names of John Lewis, the names we don’t know are ‘good trouble’, the faces we’ll never see, the mourners,” said Floyd Floyd. Can’t because their killings didn’t go viral, said a moment of silence.

Biden’s former rival, St. Bernie Sanders, was always the exception to the rule of law. Address to the nation Lives in a pile of wood in his home in VermontThe senator warned that if Trump’s election deepens the national slide of dictatorship. “Rome was burned and Nero was washed away,” Sanders said. “Trump golf.”

Other moments also managed to break it. Michelle Obama’s words sounded as immediate and immediate as any direct speech and certainly worth a look. In someone else Emotional charge moment, Kirsten Orokiza, daughter of a man who died of COVID-19, faced national outrage over a failed U.S. response to U.S. acne that completely affected daily life and left 170,000 dead. Claimed more American lives.

“His only current condition was to trust Donald Trump,” Irukiza said of his father, his anger clear.

Although the first night of the DNC sparked a national protest against police violence and black racism, its second night lineup appears less affected. But given that Monday gave Republican John Kasch’s appeal against Trump a wide-ranging moment, the convention will not focus on the political center.

In a bizarre moment for both tech and politics, Cuban CEO Meg Whitman, HP’s former Republican chief executive, made his unexpected anti-Trump cameo.

“I’m a longtime Republican and a longtime CEO – and let me tell you, there’s no point in Donald Trump running a business, let alone the economy,” Whitman said. Tech didn’t have many other moments, unless you count the suitcase with the iPhone.

Between the sudden lack of moments and the lack of speakers, young and left-leaning viewers can only meet for a few moments on Tuesday. One of them is bound to be the controversial short slot allotted to Progressive Star correspondent Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who will make one-minute remarks. Also on Tuesday will be Georgia’s Stacey Abrams, who ran for governor in 2018 and will now continue her advocacy work with her voting rights organization, Fairfight. Although Abrams will not appear alone in exchange for an appropriate speech on each other’s night, she will be joined by 16 other young growing figures in the Democratic Party who will share the time.

Anyone wishing for a democratic era can see former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter talking to former US Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday. The DNC’s second night also looks set to dive deeper into policy, with two sections refreshingly focused on Biden’s plans for governance, one on health care and the other on national security.

If you can do some basic time politics during the confrontation of national crises, grab the first night here or tune in tonight when the river starts at 6PM PT.

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