Astanor Ventures launches $325M Impact Fund aimed at FoodTech and AgTech startups – TechCrunch

Astanor Ventures launches $325M Impact Fund aimed at FoodTech and AgTech startups – TechCrunch

We can all, so far, support the idea that something has changed in the last few months. Like it or not, it wasn’t like business. If we were true to ourselves, we would admit that our lives would never be the same again. But parallel to this blind realization, it is a very clear and reasonable fact that the planet that sustains our existence is in trouble. So, of course, don’t we seem to be stepping in? Is it both a moral and a commercial opportunity?

Today, Astnor Ventures is launching a 32 5,325 million Global Impact Fund focusing on food and agricultural technology. These are two key points in the climate debate, aimed at raising funds throughout Europe and North America.

The Astanor Fund is a multi-stage tech investor that combines the knowledge and experience of new technology companies to specialize in food, cross-sector skills and agriculture.

Eric Archambie, co-founder and co-founder of Astnor Ventures, speaking at TechCrunch “There is an urgent need for affected investors like Astnor, who are using technology and capital to revolutionize food and agriculture,” he said.

The fund will strictly enforce the ideas behind investing in the ideas behind the 17 UN SDGs, Archambu told TechCanch.

He said that a new generation is coming on board in LP and Family Office today and now the new generation is understanding the funds. It’s time to dump her and move on. Archambio said.

Within this network, Astnor has trained entrepreneurs, impact investors, farmers, chefs, policy makers, food scientists and top sector experts, such as Kathleen Marigan, professor at the School of Sustainability and executive of Sweet Food Systems in Arizona. What counts as a director? State University (An Aston Venture Partner).

Opportunities for changing the economy are still clear. Numerous studies show that greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise70 percent of the world’s freshwater resources are used by agriculture. Earth’s soil is being digested (fertile soil is wasted at a rate of 24bn tons a year. Food waste is a huge problem and some 40% of food is wasted). Most fruits or vegetables contain 15% fewer nutrients than in the 1950s.

Eric Arcambio, Astana Ventures

Eric Arcambio, Astana Ventures

Since its inception in 2017, Astnoor has invested in more than 20 European and American startups to accelerate reproductive agriculture, modernize food preparation techniques and farming, as well as food culture and food. Working to promote enjoyment.

Portfolio companies include French insect farming pioneers, with Astanor being the leading investor. Inform, Berlin – Demand-based vertical farming company. La Roche Qi dit Oi, a French farm that is a table supplier. And Nopla, a UK-based company, is trying to eliminate plastics by making highly active packaging material from seaweed. AP, a California food waste reduction company, has developed plant-based protection for fresh fruits and vegetables, without which production would be doubled.

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