Apple upgrades the keyboard on the 13-inch MacBook Pro – TechCrunch

Apple upgrades the keyboard on the 13-inch MacBook Pro – TechCrunch

Apple With the announcement of a new MacBook Pro, tech stocks fell and Ober Eight closed in seven markets.

May 4, 2020 is your daily crisis.

1. The 13-inch MacBook Pro has got a much better keyboard from Apple

Following in the footsteps of the MacBook Air and the 16-inch Pro, Apple’s 13-inch Pro model is finally getting the company’s much better board. Probably not a big reason to upgrade recent MacBook buyers, but it could lead to an edge bias.

The latest system is still available on Apple’s site, starting at $ 1,299 (or $ 100 for educated educated buyers).

2. Tech stocks open less before another busy earnings week

The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite is down 0.55% this morning, dropping 13% off this year’s record highs, a 29% increase from its recent earnings. Meanwhile, the Bismarck-Nass Dock Cloud Index is down 0.85% today after falling nearly 33% in the last trading session last week.

3. Ober Eight exits seven markets, moves one as part of re-creating competition

Oberthus is closing its demand offerings in the Czech Republic, Egypt, Honduras, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay and Ukraine. It has also relocated its Oberoi Association’s business operations in the UAE to Karim, its wholly owned subsidiary, which is based mostly in the Middle East.

A. AWS engineer Tim Bray resigns from Amazon after workers’ fraud

As many Amazon workers called for the May Day strike, Tim Barry was spending his last days at the company. Amazon Web Services VP and Honorable Engineer announced today that May 1 was the last day with the retail giant, citing the interrogation of employees who verbally criticized Amazon.

5. Since CoVID-19 dries the fund, only drought-tolerant cannabis will start

Tech Kanch recently spoke with Justin Dye, CEO of Shows, who hopes to build a healthy, vertically integrated hemp company. He told us that during the Cowboys 19 crisis, cannabis companies wanted to create skills. Once the skies clear, capital will be available for survivors. (Additional Crunch subscription required.)

6. Pointer Institute’s international fact-finding network launches chatbot on WhatsApp to rescue thousands of Corona virus-linked scammers

Now you can debug thousands of corona virus hawks on WhatsApp with some text. Users can test the chat boot by either saving +1 (727) 2912606 as a contact number and texting the word “hi”.

7. This week’s tech podcast

The equity team discussed a new funding round for the design platform Fagma, followed by a (slightly) brief installment on recent earnings reports. Meanwhile, the main content included episodes of the Netflix action movie “Extraction” and the comedy informative show “Middlesbrough and Schwartz”.

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