Apple sets restrictions for COVID-19-related apps – TechCrunch

Apple sets restrictions for COVID-19-related apps – TechCrunch

Apple has added more COVID-19 security protections today – this time focusing on its App Store. In a note posted to its developer community, the company explained that it would take steps to test apps focused on the global epidemic that has begun to affect every aspect of life around the world.

“In order to help meet those expectations, we are critically reviewing apps so that data sources are credible and developers who offer these apps from recognized organizations like government organizations, health-based NGOs, healthcare. Companies that have deep certifications in related matters and are from medical or educational institutions, “the company explains.” Only one of these accredited companies send code-related applications to developers. “

In addition to reviewing content and limiting the number of developers who can submit, the company is also banning the release of entertainment apps and games that are intended to benefit well-known and popular themes everywhere.

Apple has also asked developers to mark the “time sensitive event” option, to help speed up the submission, even if some are intended to help consumers during a crisis. The organization is dedicated to developing apps related to the outbreak of nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Some will also waive the annual membership fee.

A quick search of “quid” and “corona virus” provides several apps using terms, including case trackers, news applications, handwash reminders, and some gaming titles.

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