Amazon launches online pharmacy in India – TechCrunch

Amazon launches online pharmacy in India – TechCrunch

Amazon An online pharmacy has been launched in Bangalore, the capital of the southern Indian state of Karnataka, as the e-commerce group is seen expanding its tents into more categories in one of its major overseas markets.

The company said on Friday that its new service, called Amazon Pharmacy, had started accepting orders for prescription drugs in Bangalore. (In India, antibiotics and many other medicines can often be bought from pharmacies without a prescription.)

Amazon Pharmacy sells traditional herbal medicines and some health devices such as glucose meters, nebulizers, and handheld massages.

An Amazon spokesman said in a statement: “This is particularly relevant in the current era as it will help consumers meet their essential needs while staying safe at home.”

Online sales of medicines in India, for which New Delhi does not currently have clear rules, presents another significant opportunity for Amazon, which has so far invested more than 6. 6.5 billion in its Indian operations. And where she competes with Walmart-owned Flipkart.

For Amazon, pharmacy is not a new idea. The company, which has hired a number of health professionals in recent years, acquired online pharmacy startup Plpack in 2018 for about 1 1 billion.

Initially 1Mg, NetMeds, MedMedLife and Farm, many startups like this now sell drugs online in India and deliver to most parts of the country. 1 mg, which collected more than 170 million, is ordered today, for example, in more than 1,000 cities across the country.

These startups, like any e-commerce player, offer discounts on every order to increase their share of customers. On this front, Amazon says it is also offering discounts of up to 20% on all orders.

In recent months, Amazon has expanded to a handful of new varieties in India. It launched its food delivery service in parts of Bangalore in May and a month later received approval to sell and deliver liquor in the state of West Bengal.

Last month, the company started selling auto insurance in India and said it plans to expand its insurance service to offer health, flight and taxi coverage in the future.

An extension of most of these categories comes as a flipkart It is also entering new locations, including Hyperlocal Delivery, which it piloted in Bangalore late last month. Reuters quoted official letters on Friday as saying that Flipkart had partnered with a start-up in support of the giant DJ to supply liquor to two Indian cities.

Now both firms face an emerging challenge: India’s richest man. Of Mukesh Ambani Reliance Retail, China, India’s largest retailer, launched an e-commerce venture JioMart late last year.

The service, which now operates in more than 200 cities and towns in India, reported selling more than 400,000 orders a day last month, including daily statistics from grocery delivery startup Big Basket and Groovers. Has been left behind.

Local media have reported that Amazon is monitoring multi-billion dollar shares in Reliance Retail. Ambani’s other venture, the telecom giant Geo Platform, has raised nearly ڈالر 20 billion in recent months from Facebook, Google, and 11 other high-profile investors. Ambani said last month that the company had raised funds for the Geo platform and was looking forward to “involving global partners and investors in Reliance Retail” in the next few constituencies.

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